About Us

about techpac

Techpac is a supply solutions business providing a wide range of competitive supply and service options to the Australian contractor workforce.  Techpac offer flexibility, convenience and financial savings by providing;

  • Procurement and provisioning of specialist tools and equipment
  • Vehicle, fleet and plant procurement  
  • Financing of tools, vehicles and specialist equipment
  • Business establishment / back office partner services
  • Complete and tailored insurance solutions

A ‘one stop’ supply and service business, Techpac supports all contractors;

Corporations/ Prime Contractors

  • Techpac provides a core services offering to the corporations/prime contractors that utilise large subcontracted workforces as a flexible, low overhead and strategic model to increase the number of their sub-contractor base.
  • Techpac provides corporations/prime contractors a straight vehicle, equipment and tools procurement and distribution service by utilising our strategic sourcing and logistics capabilities.

SME Contractor

  • Techpac works with SME contractors to increase their workforce and grow their business without affecting cash-flow and mitigating risk.

Independent Contractor

  • Techpac offers a complete end to end service to enable an individual to become an independent contractor with confidence and financial comfort.