techpac finance

Techpac meets the equipment and vehicle finance needs of corporates, primes, SMEs and independent contractors by sourcing finance options appropriate to the needs of the client. Available are new ‘bundled’ finance options not widely available in the market including combined tools & vehicles packages.

Techpac offer flexible financing to independent subcontractors on terms they may not be eligible for otherwise.

Why use equipment finance?

Equipment finance can help your business remain cash flow positive. There is no initial capital expenditure, which allows your business to conserve cash for other purposes.

 By securing finance against the asset that has been purchased helps protect your business and personal assets.

 Equipment finance will provide an additional source of credit – leaving your existing lines of credit unaffected. In many cases, businesses benefit from a lower tax rate when they finance equipment.

Take the stress out of obtaining business finance.

We appreciate that applying for business equipment or motor vehicle finance can be a complex, time consuming and frustrating process. 

We understand that dealing with financial institutions and their demanding credit processes wastes valuable time, costing you money, particularly when you don’t have the equipment you require to run your business. 

Every business is unique so allow us to source the right finance solution for your business. We take the time to listen and understand your company so we can find the best possible finance solution to suit your particular situation. 

What can we finance? 

  • Light Commercial Vehicles 
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Earth Moving / Construction
  • Prime Movers
  • Trade Tools and Test Equipment
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Industrial Equipment