about techpac

The concept for Techpac was borne from the need of contractors involved in the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) for easier and more convenient procurement capabilities. It was identified that contractors were looking for trouble-free purchasing or financing vehicles, tools, equipment, clothing, consumables and safety products still with consideration for quality, price and delivery.

After further analysis, it was confirmed there was a need for a one stop shop that could provide everything the mobile contractor required, ‘delivered to their door’. It also became apparent there was a shift in the Australian industry workforce structure to a more independent sub-contractor model. This shift would necessitate individuals who with no business administration experience setting up as Pty Ltd companies and complying as a company director and fulfilling all their administrative and financial duties.

Wider  application for Australian contractors

It was soon realised that this concept could be attractive to not only NBN but the telecommunications industry as a whole and any other industry contractor.

The first major program for Techpac was to assist trainees in setting up as individual contractors to work on the Telstra network. Techpac successfully provided close to 300 of the trainees with fully fitted out vehicles and/or the mandatory tools and equipment required to work on the Telstra network. Techpac also offered flexible financing to the new independent sub-contractors on terms they would not normally be eligible with over 80% utilizing the finance to make their vehicle and tools purchases. 

Middendorp buys in

In July 2014 the Middendorp Electric Company (Middys, Omega) seeing the value in the Techpac model and what could be offered to the wider contracting workforce, made an offer to purchase the Techpac business and by October 2014 Techpac became a brand under the Middendorp Group.